Our Family


Hobbies: Anything outdoors: especially camping, hiking, soccer and football.
Favorite book: Fahrenheit 451
Favorite food in Russia: shashlik (grilled meat kebabs)
Favorite meal you can't get in Russia: Thai and Mexican food
Birthday: April 21
Anniversary: December 20, 2002


Hobbies: Crocheting, reading, taking the children on outings, meeting new friends, and learning new things!
Favorite books: Les Miserables, Till We Have Faces, The Princess Bride, Scaredy Squirrel
Favorite food in Russia: Fresh raspberries and strawberries from Irena Petrovna's dacha.
Favorite meal you can't get in Russia: I try to cook up my own equivalents for everything, but I do miss authentic Tandoori Chicken with Mango Chutney.
Birthday: October 1, 1982
Anniversary: December 20, 2002


Hobbies: Anything to do with trains, buses, or airplanes. Riding his bike.
Favorite book: Today it was "The Best Little Word Book Ever," by Richard Scarry.
Favorite food in Russia: Plov (a rice dish with lots of garlic and spices and pork or lamb)
Favorite meal you can't get in Russia: Mac 'n' Cheese
Birthday: August 28, 2007


Hobbies: Dancing to fun music.
Favorite book: Any book with cats in it.
Favorite food in Russia: Pelmini (dumplings with meat)
Favorite meal you can't get in Russia: I don' t know yet -- I hadn't started solid food yet when we left America.
Birthday: May 17, 2010


Hobbies: TBA
Favorite book: TBA
Favorite food in Russia: TBA
Favorite meal you can't get in Russia: America!?! I've never been there
Birthday: May 10, 2012

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